Flooding in Dakar, one dead

Mother Nature is particularly hotheaded this summer. While the effects of global warming are becoming more visible and obvious each day that goes by, with drought episodes from France to Somalia, forest fires from California to Brittany and unbearable temperatures in Western Europe, it is not only necessary but really vital to stop the rise of greenhouse gas in our everyday lives: growing more trees, … Continue reading Flooding in Dakar, one dead

Why We’re In Love With Inua Naturals

Good for you, Good for the planet If your New Year’s resolution is to shop more sustainably in 2022, look no further than Inua Naturals hair, body and skin care. Based out of East Africa, Inua works with local farmers and artisans to deliver quality products you can feel proud of thanks to their pure ingredients and ethical practices. Their mission is “to make personal care … Continue reading Why We’re In Love With Inua Naturals