Couture Ready to wear from Côte d’Ivoire

Picture credit Pelebe

Poised, Proper and Pristine…A reminder of heritage, haute couture and harmony. Through a celebration of refined blackness and beauty, well-personified in draped Ivorian tailoring: Pelebe creates a fashion mirror to our inner queen.

picture credit Pelebe

Designs constructed bring us closer to our roots, helping us prepare and reign for any fashion occasion. The collection adds striking contemporary designs such as peplum and slimming vertical prints allowing for redefined versatility and concurrent creativity.

African Kings and Queens abode in the fabrication of this design house complementing the female silhouette and allowing one to embody true elegance and prominence. Standout pieces in traditional African fabrics and brilliant colors convey a sense of global confidence reminiscent of contemporary design accented with an Afrocentric cultural aesthetic. 

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Stockist in Abidjan Le Comptoir des Artisans


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