Focus on Influence: oriental kaftans brightened up with a Senegalese touch

Sandrine Adesanya kept her promise: ten years ago, the entrepreneur was yearning to create a clothing brand that would combine tradition with modernity, especially Senegalese tradition by means of kaftan, a mainstream item of clothing which has been worn in Senegal for ages. The complexity was to bring a little bit of modernity to a garment that has always been appreciated for its traditional aspect. Through its different ranges that we will depict later, Influence successfully achieved this goal.

The promise of the brand is what you will notice first when navigating on the Instagram page of Influence: combining Oriental chic with Senegalese craftsmanship. Beyond the necessary association of tradition and modernity, that many brands are looking for at the moment, Influence aims at gathering two cultures, the Oriental and the Senegalese ones. What could be better than using the assets of the kaftan, worn in the East as well as in Senegal, to do so?

The founder of Influence decided to surf on this idea and developed several ranges of garments exclusively made in Senegal. Influence does not only propose kaftans, even though this is the main piece of clothing of the brand. Thanks to ranges like “Wax & Patch”, “Rag Dress” or “Cotton Dress”, Influence is able to give its clients the possibility to face up to warmth and high temperatures through handmade and light models.

Kaftans, dresses and sets designed by Influence can be worn for multiple occasions in your professional and private life. If Influence praises modernity without forgetting the deep origins of the kaftan, the brand also uses high quality fabric to conceive the different sets that you can check out right here.

Comfortable clothes, no matter the weather, designed to celebrate women’s fashion all over the world: this is what Influence has been set up for.


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