A solo album for Mr P?

Three years ago, the famous musical group P Square was breaking up, due to family tensions that compelled the twin brothers Peter and Paul Okoye to stop a successful collaboration which had begun in 2003. That collaboration brought both artists, through their musical style, to pick up awards and distinctions to become one of the greatest afrobeat groups of the continent. 

The Nigerian singers and their six studio albums are still listened to by their fans, who keep on dreaming of a reconciliation that is not coming for the time being (and that will maybe never come). For now, each part is thinking of a solo career which could bring them the same success and fame as tracks like CollaboChop my Money and E No Easy.

Lately, the one who decided to shake the musical sphere was Peter, also known as Mr P. His first solo album would be imminent: called The Prodigal, a possible reference to the Bible and the story of the prodigal son, it should be an album with some P Square reminiscences even though the goal is to find one’s own style, which is even more capital when you know that the twin brothers broke up in a quite bad way and have no relationship any longer.

Several collaborations are expected on this album, like African artists Mohombi, Teni and Tiwa Savage. If it is released as expected, this will doubtlessly be a deep relief for Mr P, who had to cope with a lot of ordeals and drama while recording the album. Hit by the coronavirus disease, he recently recovered, but his stepfather unfortunately passed away. 

Many artists, in music, literature or any other field, being currently influenced and inspired by what we are living today, we can assume that Mr P’s new songs will deal with the pandemic and the fact that we need to learn from a crisis that is not over yet.

source latribune.fr


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