Charlotte Mensah’s Manketti Oil Hair, your next best friend

If your afro hair is driving you crazy for better or for worse, and if you are proud of it, but find it difficult to take care of at the same time, then you should go ahead and read this article to get to know Charlotte Mensah and her haircare collection. For sure, your issues will belong to the past and you will soon be addicted to her haircare products that won their spurs and changed the lives of many Black women in the last couple of years.

The award-winning hairstylist Charlotte Mensah, based in Portobello Road, London, used her twenty-six years of experience in haircare to conceive and propose products that would enable every single Black woman to carry the afro proudly, that is to say products elaborated to protect, repair and vivify the hair. One of the bestsellers is called the Manketti Oil Hair. 

Made up of Manketti nut and Ximenia oil, both authentic ingredients directly coming from nature (no chemicals here), the Manketti Oil Hair will nourish your hair, hydrate, and preserve it for your biggest happiness. Protected and repaired, your hair will look bright, and you will no longer wish to hide it behind a wig. The Manketti Oil Hair is just one bestseller among an efficient product range where you will find shampoos, oils, conditioners and brushes as well.

Trained at the London College of Fashion in the eighties, Charlotte Mensah has dedicated her life to Black beauties all over the world. Her skills and abilities made her win prizes all along her career as a famous hairstylist, and she was rewarded with the Afro Hairdresser of the Year three times at the British Hairdressing Awards. If you live in London, do not hesitate to call on Hair Lounge, her salon located on Portobello Road and specialized in afro haircare. Your hair will say thank you!



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