Going back to work: how to overcome the end of holidays?

Going back to work after the summer holidays is maybe as difficult as waiting for the summertime vacation period while the sun is shining all day long. For those who were lucky enough to leave home and go somewhere else to enjoy time far away from the daily routine, it is not always easy to get back to a professional activity after two or three weeks of total disconnection.

You may feel tired, out of touch or wistful as you go back to work and see your boring colleagues again, and this could result in a lack of concentration or merely a lack of envy to accomplish your everyday tasks. If you want to avoid being blamed for your behavior, think of a few tips in order to make it and escape criticism. You are not alone to feel like this, and this is totally normal to have difficulties to get back to routine after such great times!

First, tell yourself that everything is going to restart in a few months. Next Christmas or next summer, this will be the time again to chill out and leave work for another cool and off period. Try to consider your work positively and find something that motivates you: meeting new colleagues (not the boring ones), working on a new project, taking more initiatives, trying to improve and get better on a certain point…

Then, summer holidays may be over but this does not mean you cannot think about it anymore: make it live by talking about it with the ones who shared your trip and think of the next one! Spend some time looking at the many pictures you took there, it will give you strength, confidence and determination. If you feel nostalgic, no big deal. Just remain concentrated enough at work and act as everything is alright. Doing bad at work will always make matters worse and will not make the next summertime period come quicker.

Feeling uncomfortable at work after the holidays can also be the opportunity to reconsider your life and the way it is structured. We all act as if taking a few days off in July and August was the only way to relax in the midst of constant work. What about stopping working or working less to have more free time, or working remotely? What about leaving your company to be your own boss? There is not just one way to make it in life. Consider everything!


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