When money drives you to hell

This is something which has been told and retold, and perhaps the best way to sum it up will be those lyrics from Christopher Wallace (aka Notorious B.I.G): “Mo Money, Mo Problems”. The Pogba case, two months’ time from the football world cup in Qatar, is perfectly illustrating money issues destroying families and relationships. And this is only one case among many others.

Highly mediatized because we are talking about an international French player who won the world cup in 2018 and is currently playing for Juventus Turin, one of the greatest European football clubs and also the biggest record of achievements in Italy with thirty-six titles of champion, this case is unfortunately not unique in football, sports and any other domain where you can quickly become well-off. 

Friends eventually becoming those who extort money from you because they consider you do not give them enough, sometimes your own family (remember Emmanuel Adebayor?), things are not that simple when big money says hello. Criticized by his older brother for being a hypocrite and a jealous fellow, Paul Pogba lodged a complaint after having been threatened by armed men and demanded to give thirteen million euros as a reward for a supposed protection that was granted to him in a recent past. Friends, relatives, friends from friends, people you saw once in your life…The lesson is easy to learn: mind your family circle.

The case is still pending, and we do not know yet if Pogba will be part of the next world cup with France. Being injured with no game played with Turin since he came back (Pogba already played with the Bianconeri before moving for Manchester United), the defensive midfielder must do the cleaning in his personal life and emerge unscathed from that dirty story before being a football player again. When money drives people crazy.


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