Abidjan: Luxury Forum to arouse new vocations?

After the success of the first edition last year, the communications agency Digital Society decided to do it again: the Luxury Forum for French-speaking Africa will take place in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, for three days (November 23-25). This second edition will be the opportunity to focus on thriving luxury trends in Africa as well as training possibilities on the continent.

According to Hapsatou Doro, the managing director of Digital Society, synergies should be strengthened between Europe and Africa on the scale of luxury. The first event (2021), already launched by the same communications agency, gathered 300 attendees and 38 speakers. Furthermore, 13 sponsors supported the forum, and not the smallest ones: Veuve Cliquot, Ecobank, Johnnie Walker…

For this year, the organization will be focused on the stakes of luxury in Africa, especially new opportunities for brands in a context where luxury needs on the continent are becoming more and more important. Innovation, education and distribution are some of the issues that will be discussed with a special highlight on training.

If African people are still asking for more luxury items, there is a lack of luxury training schools in Africa which undermines innovation and creativity. There is a shortage of skilled professionals too and as a consequence, market needs fail to be satisfied as they should be. People often have to buy abroad or get the information overseas, but training could be the alternative, and this is one big subject of this current luxury forum in Abidjan: 4 professional training sessions dedicated to luxury jobs will be proposed during these three days.

The luxury forum will be held at Ivoire Trade Center in Abidjan. An opening ceremony, 4 training sessions, 5 lectures and an award ceremony with 5 prizes will be on the list of this second edition in West Africa. Save the date!


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