Ime Udoka with the Brooklyn nets?

The Brooklyn Nets are getting better after a difficult beginning of 2022/2023 NBA season, and the teammates of Kevin Durant won their last two games against Washington and Charlotte lately, but the news are not really focused on the basketball court.

Kyrie Irving’s five-game suspension by the franchise due to anti-Semitic posts on Instagram is strangely benefiting the squad who keeps winning ever since, but the sanction that has been inflicted to the point guard may be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Remember that Irving barely played last season because he refused to get vaccinated against the Covid-19? His choice must be respected of course, but some solutions could have been found to avoid a situation that ended up with a terrible sweep by the Celtics (0-4) in the first round of the playoffs.

Belongs to the past anyway. The other big news (and the real one) is Steve Nash getting sacked and replaced by Jacque Vaughn as Brooklyn coach. The latter should not stay still, and two coaches are mentioned to get the job: former Utah coach Quin Snyder and the one who reached the NBA Finals last year, Ime Udoka.

Udoka is still a member of the Boston Celtics franchise although he is suspended by the C’s for now. The reason? A close relationship with a member of the staff which led the American Nigerian coach to be put apart no matter his skills and capacities that were demonstrated last year. The exile has great chances to be shortened though, and coaching the Brooklyn Nets would be a perfect way to make one’s comeback in the league.

One last word about KD, who called for Steve Nash’s departure this summertime before saying lately he was shocked by the former point guard being laid off. Well, this is what you wanted right?


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