Going back home for the holidays? Get some travel tips!

The Christmas holidays are each day closer and with them the opportunity to spend some good time home with your relatives. Eating, drinking and getting some presents under the Christmas tree, but in order to get all of that, you have to pass a step that can sometimes turn out to be complicated: organizing your trip and buying your flight tickets!

In a holiday period that often rhymes with rise in prices, the few tips you are going to read about can be useful to help you find a good option and go back home without being compelled to postpone, sell a kidney or find a part time job. Some tips you can even use for your next summer trips as well!

You may look at the flight tickets on a flight comparator like Liligo, Kayak or Momondo. Skyscanner too. It can help you find the best offers and select your options (number of stopovers, flight time…) so it is a good (and fast) solution to get some first answers. Something you must keep in mind still is the fact that these flight comparators propose you some prices that may be higher than what you can find on the aircraft company’s website. 

The price difference generally corresponds to the commission that is taken by the flight comparator’s website, so checking out prices on the flight comparator before going on the aircraft company’s website can be a good alternative to decrease the final price of your tickets. You will not save a big amount, but this is still some saving!

What is more, do not forget that prices tend to be higher if you check them on Fridays and weekends because everybody is doing that. Try to book your flight in the weekdays, and if you are rally motivated, you can even book it late in the night: prices will be less expensive.

One last thing, but forget about it for the next Christmas holidays: it is always better, provided you have enough visibility, to book your flight the sooner you can. Buying a flight ticket six months before departure is always more affordable than taking it one week before.


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