Watch your smartphone 

Nowadays, we keep our whole lives in our smartphones, and losing them or getting robbed would not be far from a complete nightmare for a lot of us. Quite paradoxical when we notice that we do not always do everything to protect our data and our devices!

How many people are keeping their smartphones in the back pocket of their jeans? Very easy for a thief to get it and deprive you from your private life. It is quite useless to get a private code to prevent people from seeing what you get inside if you do not do all that is necessary to avoid getting robbed…

One more tip is about the insurance issue: you can have your smartphone insured against accidental breakage, theft or fraudulent telephone call, and this is something to keep in mind when you consider all the “opportunities” you have to have it broken or stolen by someone!

Interested in it? Ask your financial adviser in your bank, most of them propose a phone insurance that will not cost you much, and do not forget to compare with the package proposed by your operator.

Furthermore, if you want your smartphone to last long, avoid keeping it plugged in constantly: load it only when necessary and when you have a low battery. Try not to spend most of your free time on it, for your eyes, your mental health and your life on the whole, and always download your data such as pictures, videos and important messages on a private and secured space you can easily reach.

A cloud or an external hard disk can be a good solution to save your data: if you lose your phone or have it damaged, you will always have the possibility to get your recollections and all that comes with it!


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