Developing one’s network when abroad

Meeting people when abroad on a new country you do not especially know can sometimes look like a quite complicated mission. Expatriation can bring you much, but it is always better to share it with a few mates!

Expatriation in Africa or somewhere else in the world, a trend that has been made easier nowadays

Would you like to spend some time working abroad in a country that is not yours? The trend is more and more vivid among youngsters, although the pandemic slowed it down a bit. With vaccines and new life habits that made us able to live with the virus, things are little by little coming back to normal, and your dreams of expatriation can come true again.

If you can go and live abroad by the means of your current company, provided it is developing on an international scale, you can also benefit from dedicated plans of action (PVT, VIE) depending on your age and nationality. Expatriation is the opportunity to discover a new culture and develop one’s skills in a context where you often leave your comfort zone, which is not a bad thing even though the first months can make you feel homesick. What about your network once you land in the foreign country?

Everything comes in due time

You may already know some people before settling down in your new place, but this is not always the case. Many expatriates start working abroad without knowing a single soul in their new environment, and it can look hard to handle at first sight.

With patience and determination still, you can quickly start to develop your network: your colleagues can help you on this path, but being alone in a country you do not know generally urges you to meet people and open yourself to new contacts, so do not neglect it! Sharing activities like sports can be a good way to meet new acquaintances in your new country as well.

If you work in a foreign country, you may be member of an association or a community such as the VIE community for all the French expatriates that went abroad with this specific contract. Another opportunity to meet people!


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