Ceaseless move in the NBA

While the NBA new season 2020/2021 is about to begin, if things do happen as planned, by the end of December (22nd), some big move has already occurred in the franchises regarding players’ departures and arrivals, and you may find it hard to recognize Oklahoma or Detroit after this. African fellows are no exception After four years fighting for the Toronto Raptors (2017-2020) and a … Continue reading Ceaseless move in the NBA

Liverpool is on cloud nine

Liverpool has great chances to be the favorite team to their own succession in this 2020/2021 season of Premier League. After the title of last year and the supremacy over English football, the Reds impressed this weekend by blowing up Crystal Palace 7-0 on the lands of their victims of the day.  The first time ever that Liverpool scores seven goals away With Guinean midfielder … Continue reading Liverpool is on cloud nine

In conversation with Grâce Wallace

Created in 2005, Grace Wallace is a Luxury and Haute Couture brand that successfully built her own success in Togo . Specialized in women, men and Children pieces, it offers a wide range of diverse creations all of which have elegance in common. The Grace Wallace brand is modern, contemporary, and above all with an African touch… When did the shift started? When did you … Continue reading In conversation with Grâce Wallace