In conversation with Grâce Wallace

Created in 2005, Grace Wallace is a Luxury and Haute Couture brand that successfully built her own success in Togo . Specialized in women, men and Children pieces, it offers a wide range of diverse creations all of which have elegance in common. The Grace Wallace brand is modern, contemporary, and above all with an African touch…

When did the shift started? When did you decide to create your own label ?

Togolese of Nigerian origin, I have been rocked in the world of the loincloth since my childhood. A little older, I designed the models of clothes myself and had them sewn for my personal pleasure. After several requests from my acquaintances and then by selling my own dresses, I understood that I could flourish in the field of fashion and especially live from it.

This is how I focused on my work, body and soul in order to give the best of me. Believe me, since 2005 this passion has not diminished. To sublimate a beautiful woman and make her always more elegant is my goal when I start a creation.

Not only is the luxury market competitive, but not the easiest to dive in, why did you decide to focus on this segment of the market?

I entered luxury haute couture for the pleasure of using the noblest of materials, in order to give maximum sparkle to each model created.

In addition to this know-how, I add my heart and my generosity so that each creation is unique.

What is the special touch that we can find at Grâce Wallace Atelier?

I was able to create my identity with a particular embroidery using wax and stones illuminating any modern outfit by adding a subtle African style, this really is the trademark of my brand…


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