A conversation with Fatimata Ba from Salyel

What is the signification of Salyel ?

Salyel is my grandmother’s nickname, she was a proud, strong and, above all, very kind Fulani woman who, even though I knew her little, gave me a strong heritage and fundamental values. 

How was the brand born ?

The Salyel brand was born from my fascination with tribal masks. 

Beyond their meticulously worked aesthetic , these masks are the link between the real world and a supernatural world, they have a multitude of forms, materials, expressions, symbols, powers and functions, which makes them an inexhaustible source of inspiration. 

How do you decide to pick or draw a mask for a collection ?

I draw my masks with the inspiration of various influences: between tradition and modernity, across different continents and cultures.

Salyel is a tribe whose mask is a sign of recognition, it is like a mirror of our aspirations and our state of mind, a way of claiming a cultural heritage and belonging to this chosen tribe. 

Each piece is conceived as a revealer of the powers we have in us, because the way we dress has an influence on our state of mind and therefore on our attitude. 

Each mask has its own history and power. The idea is to appropriate this power and invoke benevolent spirits, when we wear a Salyel piece . It’s really about becoming aware of the qualities we already have. 

Salyel offers a range of t-shirts and sweatshirts for men and women in 100% organic cotton. 

Ornaments placed by hand bring a 3D design to the masks: pompons (handmade), cowries (shells), pearls, decoraNve nails, thread embroidery … They give more character and soul to the masks. 

Customizing all these ornments by hand is also a way of transmitting positive waves. 

Check out the brand on www.salyelparis.com



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