Yswara, an invitation to African tradition and refinement

The modern era and all the technical progress that comes with it sometimes provides this paradoxical effect to make us be craving for more tradition and simplicity, as a return to the old times where smart phones did not exist, which was not preventing our ancestors and the former generations to find joy and happiness. Some feelings the new technologies do not always concretize by the way, but this is another subject.

By creating Yswara to pay homage to the art of African tea, the founder Swaady Martin achieved this goal to enhance one of the greatest African traditions. The name of the brand, which is a combination of the founder’s name and Tywara, an African deity from West Africa devoted to social values and agricultural techniques, aims at associating modernity and tradition at the same time: ancestral rites do not only belong to the past and can still find their place in our contemporary societies, no matter how busy we may be.

Yswara is proposing African tea collections ethically made in Africa as well as tea time accessories and gifts such as candles, tea spoons and infusers. The collection of teas conceived by the company is entirely sourced and grown in Africa, a promise of authenticity that is capital is this kind of approach. The associations of ingredients (Penja pepper, kola nut, honeybush…) and the mainstream recipes will make you feel unique flavors that you will not find somewhere else.

The names of the tea collections are a tribute to African history: Teranga, Abla Pokou, Pharaoh Tut…From the appellation of the tea to what you will find inside it, it is all about natural ingredients mixed up with a traditional taste. About twenty different teas are available on the website of the brand to make you start your journey on the whole continent, from Egypt to South Africa.

Sources: www.yswara.com


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