Getting to know Guillaume Mahot, a talented poet from the new generation that you need to know.

Guillaume Mahot was born in Antibes (Alpes-Maritimes) in 1990, to a French father and an Ivorian mother. he begins to
dedicate himself to poetry from an early age. A first poem will see the light of day in sixth grade in middle school, before it actually deals with
this art from the age of seventeen. At the same time, the poet carried out major studies and entered the Reims Business School in 2009.

His career notably takes him to the United States and Cameroon, where he emigrated without ever letting go of poetry.
The year 2017 is seen as a pivotal year for the poet. After a great phase of reflection, he finally decides to have part of his writings published.
(more than three hundred poems written in total) with a first collection entitled “Poésies de jeunesse” and published by the Parisian house of editions éditions de l’Onde.

Well received by the public and benefiting from the support of journalist Rokhaya Diallo, Diara Ndiaye and Ekia badou to name a few this first book is composed by lyrical poems mixing memories of childhood, love, friendship or even pure imagination, all imbued with a palpable sincerity that makes his poetry unique and personal.

Very attached to his Ivorian origins, the young man pays a beautiful tribute to his mother’s country through several poems, and he does not forget Cameroon
nor its host country from 2014 to 2015.

To all the French readers Guillaume Mahot poems collections are available on Amazon


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