Talent of Côte d’Ivoire : Spotlight on Aboudia.

Aboudia’s work represents the vitality, the unvarnished energy of a youth who is doing well, who manages and sketches a smile that sometimes scares you, but a full smile that exalts all his experience. On the fringes, it is a generation that stretches and takes on a new form, restructures itself and reveals a clearer force. In each work swarms a horde of lives, a current of air and noise, silhouettes seeking their place in tirelessly too narrow spaces.

We can feel in the paintings of Aboudia the presence of the Ziguéhis from yesterday until the birth and the affirmation of the Nouchi. Frictions of words, remixed sounds and dreams from elsewhere brandished as signs of identity, resisting the trials of precarious daily life.

His line contains the effervescence of a territory in bloom, object of palaver and demands. Abidjan is on the rise, city of transformations, way out of the crisis, become attractive, city of possibilities. Aboudia watches, he observes and immerses himself in his metropolis, he becomes one with its movement, its changes.

There is the living dead, the zombie more awake than ever that lights up in his paintings.

A thriller came out of coastal West Africa, between concrete and sand, Aboudia creates a fantastic dust ball…

more info about Aboudia via https://cecilefakhoury.com

source Galerie Cecile Fakhoury


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