Crush on Atelier Maïcha, an initiation into the customs of the Comoros .

If you are longing to know more about East Africa and if you are keen on fashion at the same time, Atelier Maïcha is perfect for you! This lifestyle brand aims at spreading the Swahili and East African culture worldwide thanks to genuine and unique items.

Inspired by the culture of the Comoros, the brand benefits from a small range of products which guarantees its authenticity and singularity. You will find different varieties of traditional cloth coming right from the Comoro Islands like shiromani and lesso, but also scarves, silk headscarves, and cloth bags. 

The whole collection depicts a certain way of life and values of togetherness, brotherhood and tolerance which should make it possible for everyone to find one’s place on earth and get on with each other. Conveying a message of love and hope in those difficult times, Atelier Maïcha has additional assets you can guess in the name of the brand.

Called “Atelier”, the French translation of workshop, the brand proposes workshops to learn how to tie your scarf, starting 30 euros. You can book your workshop online and have it at home provided your group is at least composed of five people. Workshops take place on Sundays.

If you first wish to get your own cloth and scarf before participating to a workshop, just check out the website ( and the shop section to make your choice among the different items. Simply note that, due to the worldwide pandemic, you will have to wait a bit more to get delivered.

Times are getting colder and colder and Christmas is approaching, these are reasons why you should take a look at Atelier Maïcha for yourself or your relatives! You will get a unique and beautiful present you will be proud of.



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