Exploring Africa: having a break at Sunland’s giant baobab.

South Africa benefits from many touristic assets which make Nelson Mandela’s country one of the most visited countries all over Africa. Beaches and cliffs, national parks and mountains, without forgetting vineyards for the oenologists, woods and lagoons…The various South African ecosystems are here to make any foreign globe-trotter elated before astonishing landscapes. Sport lovers can have fun as well since the Springboks won the last rugby world cup in Japan in 2019. And those who are fond of history will appreciate South Africa and its bright and dark past enlightened by Nelson Mandela’s election as first black president of the Protea nation in 1994. A lot of assets actually, but some of them are sort of unusual.

The tree where you can drink some fresh beer

Four hours’ time from Johannesburg, the most crowded town in the country, you will find the Sunland farm and its mango exploitation. Sunland is close to a small town called Modjadjiskloof, but you will not have a stop there for mango trees. The attraction in the region is a baobab, but not just a plain baobab. A giant one which was turned into a genuine bar!

This baobab is an Adansonia Digitata which is particularly huge, even though baobabs are notorious for their width. This one is twenty-two meters high and has a circumference of…forty-seven meters. Not stupid at all to have settled down a bar inside then. Fifteen people can easily stand in the tree and drink a dry beer or play darts.

This invention is not harmful for the baobab, which contains, as every baobab, natural cavities. Not disturbed at all, the tree keeps on giving some fruit, some leaves, and some fun. Next time you go to South Africa, do not forget to call on the giant baobab.

Sources: Atlas Obscura, Hachette Livre, département Marabout (2016)


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