Holidays & New Year’s Eve dinners: it is time to tickle your taste buds!

In a couple of days, we will bid farewell to 2020, a sullen year most people are happy to leave due to the sanitary crisis and the heavy damage that it caused all over the world. We are now going to celebrate 2021, hoping that it will be a better year, which is not that difficult, filled up with more good news and the promise to see that damned virus be defeated forever. What if an awesome dinner was the best way to welcome the new year?

As a famous saying proclaims, eating well is the beginning of happiness. We have been inspired by the recipes and meals proposed by Senegalese restaurant “La Fourchette” https://www.fourchettedakar.comto give you a few ideas of dinner for the holidays. You can spend some time either with your family or close friends, at home or getting invited: our proposals, which are based on quality products and associate modernity with traditionality, will make you share precious moments with people you love around tasty dishes.

First of all, you cannot miss the inevitable combo: wake up your taste buds with a touch of foie gras and smoked salmon. If you are keen on sea food, you can also have some scallop accompanied with porcini mushrooms. Do not forget the white wine.

Then, for your main course, a scuffed capon with truffle can be a wonderful plan. Stuffed duck breast as well, if you are craving for French gastronomy. Some others will prefer (and we can understand them) crayfish, trout fillet or fried shrimps.

For the meat lovers, a delicious leg of lamb will make the difference. Either have it with black rice, beet or banana leaf.

You still have some space left for the dessert? Then try the mainstream Christmas log cake: chocolate or exotic fruits, it is up to you. If you want to innovate, a macaroon pie can do the job perfectly. What about a poached pear? Happy Holidays!

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