Peulh Vagabond, the French African connection

If you are longing to get elegant and unique clothes, and if the working conditions of the people who conceive these clothes do matter to you, then you can take a look at this article.

Peulh Vagabond is a ready to wear brand which was launched by Dyenaa Diaw, a Parisian entrepreneur of Senegalese origin. The particularity of the brand is its French African connection, a genuine competitive edge of Peulh Vagabond that you can recognize in each single item of clothing.

Peulh Vagabond is collaborating with cooperatives of weavers all over Africa, especially in Burkina Faso. The fabric exploited by the brand and essentially made up of cotton is dyed and weaved in Africa, before taking the plane to get designed in France, where the different sets and collections will be proposed in the Peulh Vagabond boutique in Paris. Appreciative of fair-trade issues, Dyenaa Diaw decided to have a part of the work made in Africa to enable weavers to make a living out of their know-how, without forgetting the preservation of the environment which is at least as crucial in today’s world.

This traditional conception would not be that meaningful if the clothes were not worth it.

Simply take a look at the Spring Summer 21 collection to see that tradition can be trendy. Try the Damu Set, a tailor set with gold metal buckles and high shoulder pads, or the Nyota Dress, an embellished shoulder dress with a geometrical sharp and an invisible zip.

Last but not least, the ready to wear brand designs clothes for each sex. If women can easily fulfill their dreams in the midst of dresses, sets and other tunics made by Peulh Vagabond, men are not left out: pants, shirts, jackets, T-shirts, everything has been thought over for you to rethink your wardrobe. And if the pandemic calms down a little bit, you will look perfect wearing some Peulh Vagabond in a restaurant.

Source Peulh Vagabond

Campaign images credit Yann Hippolyte

Lookbook images credit Fredo H


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