MF DOOM is gone and will be missed

MF DOOM, also known as Madvillain, Metal Fingers or merely under his civil name Daniel Dumile, is gone. The British rap singer, born in London from a Zimbabwean father and a Trinidadian mother, passed away at the age of forty-nine years old on last October 31st. His wife Jasmine announced his death two months later on her Instagram account, a sullen news for the woman, wife and mother who had already suffered the loss of her son King Malachi Ezekiel Dumile in 2017 at only fourteen years old.

MF DOOM was the kind of rap singer that no longer exists in the contemporary era. He cultivated his difference by wearing a mask and was permanently hiding his face, a little bit like the Daft Punk. He was also a big comics fan, which he was used to exploring for his own purpose and achievements.

Dumile released six studio albums between 1999 and 2009 and collaborated with famous groups like Gorillaz (November Has Come, 2005) for a hip-hop style that did not hesitate to go beyond borders and overtake the frame of urban music. Jazz, rock, and pop influences, but also a more underground hip-hop, are part of Dumile’s work as a singer and a producer.

MF DOOM began to rap at fourteen in New York, in 1985, after his family left England for the United States. His family played a significant part in his work since Dumile released Mr Hood with his younger brother DJ Subroc in 1991. The second album with Subroc, Black Bastards, would unfortunately never see the daylight since the sudden death of Dumile’s brother would tragically stop the two brothers’ plans, a deep shock for Dumile who would stop rap for a while after this loss, before coming back in 1996.

Rather discrete and granting very few interviews, MF DOOM was an anachronic rap artist in today’s world where promotion sometimes prevails before the creation itself. The good die young.

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