Focus on Nebedai, a cosmetics brand which praises the virtues of moringa

If you wonder whether you should use moringa for your skin, stop hesitating and take a deep look at Nebedai! The cosmetics brand, based in Dakar, Senegal and launched in January 2019 by Safi Adele Tshinsele Van Bellingen, widely uses the properties of the moringa plant for its range of products, and customers love it.

Perhaps you need a little refresh about moringa, right? This plant has been used in Africa for ages because of its anti-inflammatory and antiseptic benefits. You can find it in Senegal, but also in other African countries like Kenya and Burkina Faso. The moringa plant is also known as Nebedai, which means “never die” in Wolof, the main Senegalese language. This natural ingredient is a precious gift which will not harm your skin like chemical products: it will do quite the reverse and make it look both healthier and beaming.

This is such an ingredient that the Nebedai brand decided to put at the core of its project with the help of British laboratories for security assessments. This being said, multiple natural ingredients are used by the cosmetics brand, thus enhancing the authenticity of the concept: by using Nebedai products, you will become familiar with carrot oil, soja oil, avocado oil, and even grape oil!

The three major products of the brand are gathered in the Divine range. The Divine Cleansing Oil, for all skin types, will enable you to clean your skin smoothly with no harm for your natural barriers. The Divine Night Spot Treatment, only used at night time, will remove spots without irritating your skin, even if you have a sensitive skin.

At last, the Glow Divin is a facial oil that will brighten your skin, improve its texture and diminish dark spots. Needless to say that all these products contain moringa oil and additional natural components mentioned above.

Visit to do your first valuable shopping of 2021, and if your live in Dakar, keep in mind that Nebedai products are available in two places there: In Africa concept store and Nubian Beauty Shop. 


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