Jacob Zuma behind bars?

Is the former president of South Africa Jacob Zuma going to spend some time in jail? The politician, who ruled the protea flower nation from 2009 to 2018 before resigning due to multiple scandals of corruption, is currently threatened with two years of prison by the anticorruption commission of his country. But the reason is not the bribery thing.

Raymond Zondo, the judge of the anticorruption commission, asked the Constitutional Council for help and demanded two years of imprisonment for the one who refuses to testify. The reason is as simple as that: Jacob Zuma does not want to respond to any of the commission’s requests in this corruption affair that happened during his presidency. 

Tired of running after a man who testified only once since the commission was created in 2018, Raymond Zondo decided to bring this further and cannot bear the behavior of the ex-president any longer, who permanently points out his right to silence whereas everyone knows he has something to say.

About forty testimonies have already been gathered by the anticorruption commission, and the least we can say is that it is not in Zuma’s favor at all: former and current politicians, but also businessmen, confessed that bribery and fraud were common in the times of Zuma as a South African president, and this is probably why the ex-president is making everything not to testify. Because everyone already knows, in spite of all the allegations he may say.

The only time Zuma testified was in July 2019. Feeling uncomfortable and badly treated, he never appeared in front of the judges ever since. His extended absences have now been considered as an insult to the South African justice, who may punish him and send him to jail, a pathetic ending for a man who is seen by many in South Africa as one of the worst presidents that the country has ever had.


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