Welcome to Maison Mandjou !

Are you hungry? Do you prefer sweet or salty? Never mind, Maison Mandjou has everything that you need! If you live in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and wonder what you could have for lunch or diner next week, do not waver any longer, and take your car to go and discover the cooking cocoon which was thought and imagined by its founder Ahoua Touré.

Set up last year, in April 2020, by the young entrepreneur, Maison Mandjou aims at paying homage to the Ivorian cooking by proposing salty and sweet conceptions that find their roots in the tradition, history and culture of Ivory Coast. The pastry and other dishes sold by Maison Mandjou will make you go back to the ancient times where Ivory Coast was ruled by emperors and filled up with myths and legends. Made with ingredients that you will find only in Ivory Coast, the conceptions of the brand are unique in the way they have been thought over and achieved.

At Maison Mandjou, pies are called Queens and cakes are called Kings. You can have one for a diner with some friends, or just buy the small size if you want to offer you a selfish (and deserved) pleasure. The shortbreads are here to make you feel comfortable as well: cinnamon, vanilla, ginger, make up your choice among the different possibilities, and go back to the French 17th century where the royal tradition initiated by Louis XIV was mixed up with some Ivorian tradition to create these delicious biscuits.

You can try the herbal tea of Maison Mandjou to feel the taste of Ivorian nature in your mouth: the barks, flowers and plants used by the cake shop have been thoughtfully chosen to be the perfect accompanying friend to your pie or cake (to your Queen or King!), and do not hesitate to have a Malinké or a Jarabi at the same time you are eating your Kassa Queen.

Visit Maison Mandjou next to Saint Ambroise church in Angré, Abidjan, and discover the products right here

Sources : https://www.maisonmandjou.com/


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