In Senegal, there will be a Prime Minister again

For those who can remember The Lion King and Scar’s obsessional dream to become the king and replace his brother Mufasa, leading to the assertion “there will be a king!” to make it easier for the hyenas to understand, the current news must have a touch of nostalgia. Eventually, Senegal will have a Prime Minister again!

The news was made official this week: the national assembly of the country voted positively (92 yes, 2 no and 8 abstentions) to restore the function of Prime Minister in Senegal. The post had been considered as useless by president Macky Sall when he got reelected in 2019, and it was simply and purely removed, an act some people in the country had interpretated like an attempt to grab all powers and be the one and only to decide.

A few years later, the same president finally decided to have a Prime Minister again. The reason why seems easy to understand: Macky Sall said Senegal needed to be ruled daily, and that he did not have the time to do it. A bit weird for a president whose only duty is to look after his country (if you do not have the time, who will have it?) but anyway. So, he restored the position of Prime Minister he had deleted three years before: maybe in two years he will remove it again, who knows? 

Let us imagine all the questions you can ask yourself after such a decision. The same man who did one thing and its contrary, but if you look deeply into that case, you will figure out that the wrong decision was taken in 2019 when the function of Prime Minister was removed. In a certain way, putting it back is a proof of intelligence and recognizing one’s mistake. But one will not prevent me from thinking that there is a little bit of amateurishness in it.


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