Christmas is coming, what about your next resolutions? 

I’ll be more generous.

I’ll stop smoking.

I’ll practice some sports.

I’ll go to the church every Sunday.

The end of the year is coming, and the turkey that proudly lies on the family table (or the chicken, well it is up to you) will be accompanied with any kind of resolutions more or less respected by the ones who promise them. As usual. What if you tried to get some REAL resolutions for the new year? Some resolutions that can have a real impact on your daily life and the one of your relatives.

Of course that stopping smoking or going more often to the church is a resolution that can be worth it, and the question is not about assessing them and telling what is good and what is bad. Anyone has their own lives and expectations, and what is important for one person is just not as crucial for another one. The point which can be interesting to emphasize here is the fact that some resolutions, the ones you do not especially think about sometimes, can really change the shape you are giving to your life. Now it is time to work on them!

The worldwide pandemic made a lot of people admit that what they were doing for a living was simply useless. Nonsense. Boring. Unsatisfying at many levels. Many people decided to do something completely different even if that meant less money. “Okay I am making big money as a trader, but I want to be a baker. Waking up early? Who cares if I find some sense in what I am doing every day, if I am happy to do what I do?”

This is the kind of questioning people asked themselves. The sanitary crisis woke up some individuals that needed a shock therapy to become aware of the fact that their life had to look like them. Be yourself and do what you love because it all ends up one day. 

Your resolutions could tackle that “sense issue”. What about your job? What about your friends? Your passions, your deep motivations and what you do not want in your life any longer? Again, it is up to you. Make up your mind and live your life without any regret. Some bad things do happen every day, but life remains too unique and beautiful to merely have it spent fixed on smartphones and details. 


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