Almasika, when the world belongs to you

Art, design and culture: these are the three words used by Almasika to depict themselves. The jewelry brand, founded by young businesswoman Catherine Sarr in London, is designing sculptural jewelry based on traditions and culture.

Glancing at Almasika’s website will give you an idea of what the company is proposing, because jewelry is a broad concept: you will have the possibility to choose among necklaces, rings, bracelets and earrings. Either for a gift or for yourself. The four collections conceived by the brand are also here to broaden your choice and increase your satisfaction: the Berceau collection (French word for cradle), the Sagesse collection (wisdom), the Harmony collection and the Cauri Endiamanté collection (cowrie shell) all have their own story and justification to make your choice even more deep and logical.

The Cauri Endiamanté collection, for instance, is the first collection launched by Almasika. It revisits the cowrie, an old and ancestral shell described like a talisman and symbolizing spirituality and fertility. Worn as an ornament by our ancestors and even used as a currency in the end of the nineteenth century, the cowrie is used nowadays in divination: wearing it is supposed to bring you wealth and good fortune!

Founded in London as we previously said, Almasika is overtaking boundaries. The jewels are all designed in Chicago (USA, Illinois) and can be bought online to be sent all over the world and no matter your location. Almasika’s jewels are natural, unique, made of gold and responsibly sourced, an undeniable quality which can explain some prices that may look expensive sometimes.

One word about the founder: Catherine Sarr is a member of the Women’s board and Advisory Committee of Arts of Africa of the Art Institute of Chicago. Her jewelry brand comes in the end of a process that brought her to Paris, London, Abu Dhabi and Chicago where she worked for the luxury industry before deciding to set up her own business.


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