Exploring Africa: going shopping at Akodessewa voodoo market

If you travel to Lomé, the capital city of Togo in West Africa, you may have the chance to discover a particular market in the suburban area of Akodessewa: in this country where a lot of people believe in the voodoo religion, an animist cult which urges people to invoke geniuses and supranatural forces hidden in objects and natural elements such as stones or trees, it is not unusual to go and see a traditional healer at the market so as to solve a problem.

What kind of problem to be solved by voodoo? Anyone, the healer will tell you. No matter what you have to struggle against in your daily life, a love affair, a financial difficulty, a big hardship in your job or a health issue, you will have the opportunity to tell it to the gods and begin to find a solution. Make sure you describe it clearly to the healer for him or her to find the accurate treatment. In Akodessewa, you will be cured with natural herbs and a mix of animal pieces that will be burnt to make a black powder. This preparation will then be put on your skin, and for the brave ones (and a better efficiency), you will have to suffer three light cuts on your chest or back for the healer to rub them with the powder.

It is not only a matter of healer consultation at voodoo market of Akodessewa: you can buy your own thing as well, or merely check out by curiosity and to get to know more about the voodoo culture in Togo, where half of the population believes in animism. Find your way among talismans like gorilla skulls, dry snakes and elephant paws, and choose the right ingredient that will protect or cure you in the best way!


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