Real European king Liverpool not rewarded.

A fourteenth Champions’ League for Real Madrid. A couple of weeks ago in Paris, the Spanish football club won the prestigious European trophy over Liverpool FC of Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané by the shortest score (1-0). While Real is ending up the season beautifully with a title of Spanish champion and this Champions’ League, Liverpool can feel unrewarded after a tremendous season as well: the Reds terminate 2021/2022 with a vice-champion position in Premier League, ranking second behind Manchester City, and a defeat in final of Champions League which makes two defeats out of the last three European finals disputed by Liverpool (they lost in 2018 and 2022, but won the 2019 edition).

The final, not as interesting to follow as what we could have expected from such contenders, was highlighted by a fierce defensive spirit from Madrid symbolized by Belgian goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois who was unpassable and multiplied the saves for his squad. Brazilian striker Vinicius Junior scored the only goal in the second half (59’), and neither Senegalese striker Sadio Mané nor Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah managed to find the rift.

The game was unfortunately enameled by incidents on the outskirts of Stade de France, and the event took place with a 36-minute delay due to organization issues: thousands of Liverpool fans without tickets (or with false tickets) tried to pass security controls, which led to a big bustle before the stadium and fans with a valid ticket compelled to stay behind fences. The police used tear gas to evacuate the crowd in front of children and peaceful supporters.

What now for Sadio Mané? The Senegalese star was perhaps playing his last game with Liverpool, and rumors are sending him to Bayern Munich next season. This 2021/2022 football season is now over, and the following one will be particularly exciting to follow with a World Cup in the end of the year.


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