Golden state made it again !

The Golden State Warriors are taking over from the Milwaukee Bucks (NBA champions in 2021), and the Larry O’Brien trophy is going back in the West. The teammates of Andre Iguodala, who did not play very much in these NBA Finals (one minute in the last game), beat up the Boston Celtics 4-2 in the ultimate series, who will thus not overtake the Los Angeles Lakers as best NBA team ever (17 titles for both franchises). Golden State is becoming the third most titled franchise in the NBA with 7 trophies after Boston and Los Angeles (17) but before Chicago (6).

The Warriors defeated Boston 103-90 at TD Garden in the sixth game and did not leave Boston a chance to play a game 7. Early in the game, Golden State was taking the lead (27-22 for Golden State in the first quarter) and MVP of the Finals Stephen Curry (34 points, 7 rebounds, 7 assists) played his part of leader to enable the Californian squad to grab a fourth title in eight years (2015, 2017, 2018, 2022): four trophies for Curry, Green and Thompson, but four for Iguodala as well who had the good idea to come back to San Francisco after a season in Miami.

The comeback is appreciated as it should be by the Californians, who lived genuine moments of pain after 2019 and the finals lost against Toronto: Kevin Durant injured and leaving for Brooklyn, Klay Thompson injured for two years and a ranking in the bottom of the Western Conference. Players like Wiggins and Poole were very helpful to contribute to this success, and the coronation of Golden State is also showing that continuity can bear fruits in an era where most of the NBA teams completely change their faces from one season to another. The Big Three composed of the Splash Brothers and Draymond Green, defensive heart of the Warriors, has been evolving in the Bay for more than ten years now.

For Boston and Nigerian American coach Ime Udoka, who was playing his first NBA Finals as a head coach, this is only the beginning of the story: the one who stopped his basketball career in 2012 with a short passage in France (Vichy, 2005) is only achieving his first season with the Celtics. A very promising one!


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