Making the leap of expatriation

Expatriation may not be the next plan of your professional career in period of worldwide pandemic, and “home sweet home” after all, but making the leap and trying one’s luck is a step that you will remember for the rest of your life, no matter the country where you settle down.

Some are still thinking about going and living abroad, but we must admit that the Covid-19 pandemic generally made people reluctant to live home for another life. Plans were surely postponed, people had to think about their health and safety, and could simply not travel with the restrictions we all experimented over the last two years. Why go and risk so much in a so complicated period? Is it worth it? These are questions one probably asks oneself when confronted to an expatriation dilemma. Still, when you have the opportunity to go, then seize it!

The world is so big that it might seem impossible for some people to only live in the same country for their whole life. No one is right or wrong here and everyone lives the life they want, because expatriation is nothing but a choice: it will depend on the opportunities proposed by each country of course, unless you are a millionaire who does not need to worry about the future, but you do not decide without taking this consideration into account. What about the professional side? Perhaps solo expatriates can be more audacious but what if you go with your love and children?

Expatriation is a life experience which can potentially last a very long time in your whole life, and it is not only about being paid a big wage. Sometimes it is the main information that we think of, but getting a big wage will not necessarily make you happy if you do not feel comfortable in your new place. Money will help, but it will not do everything. Ask football players.


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