US Vice President Kamala Harris in Africa for one week

After French President Emmanuel Macron, who went to Central Africa in early March with the desire to set up a “new page” on the relationships between France and African countries, it is America’s turn to book a trip for the continent. While Macron, who is now struggling hard in France to try to find a way to pass his retirement law, went to Angola, Gabon, Congo-Brazzaville and DRC (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Vice President Kamala Harris will represent the United States in three different countries starting March 26.

The Vice President of Joe Biden will begin her African trip in Sub Saharan Africa with Ghana, before flying to Tanzania and Zambia, a country she already knows since she travelled there when her grandfather was working in Zambia many years ago. The Vice President is also going to meet those who rule the countries on the list, but also people from the civilian society.

The one-week trip in Africa will be the first for Harris as US Vice President, and on the American side, the goal is to think about the future and what can be done to improve relationships between Uncle Sam and Africa, politically and economically speaking in a tricky context emphasized by the war in Ukraine and all the aftermath for the African continent (food supply, Western influence…).

In countries like Burkina Faso and Mali, the Western presence has been heavily disputed so far, and France is not seen as a reliable partner in territories now ruled by a military junta who keeps postponing elections. Russia is still trying to take advantage of the situation to make new friends and new partners in a world where everyone except a few countries is condemning the invasion of Ukraine by Vladimir Putin’s army one year ago.

Harris will not go to Mali or Burkina, but no doubt the Russian issue will be discussed as well, even though the US administration insisted on the fact that insecurity and conflicts would not be the main topics dealt with during the one-week tour.


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