Oba Style, the perfect touch if you are thinking of a new handbag!

If your plans recently changed to such a point that you are now considering getting a brand new handbag to perfectly suit you and develop your difference at the same time, stop what you are doing right now and get to know about Oba Style!

The Oba Style brand proposes two collections of handbags with designs you will find nowhere else. Combining high quality and authenticity, the Oba Style handbags are made in Senegal with the finest African raw materials to ensure genuine values and fulfill the promise of the brand to own a “jewel” which conveys beauty, elegance and refinement. Because being unique means being different, Oba Style sells its collections in limited quantities which are regularly renewed and updated.

Funded in 2019, the Oba Style brand was an original idea from Franco-Gabonese entrepreneur Faoziyath Koza, Beninese roots. IT project manager for sure, but also driven by a real desire of creation that brought her to launch her own brand a few years ago, an achievement dedicated to women from all over the world, no matter the country you can come from.

Faoziyath Koza

What about the two collections designed by Oba Style? You can either get Ayo bags or In Dan bags: Ayo bags are handmade in Senegal and can be used for special events (weddings and so on). You can get them in two sizes and carry it by hand or across the shoulder.

If you are keen on In Dan design, the so-called bag is a marvelous idea to accompany you in your daily life, either at work or to hang out with friends. Available in two sizes as well, the In Dan bag is made with wax or leather.

Whatever your choice may be, visit Oba Style on the spot and order your new companion that should never leave you!


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