Joe Biden 46th US president, a relief for Afro-Americans

Even though Donald Trump did not acknowledge he had just been defeated in the race towards the American presidency, this is it. Joseph Robinette Biden Jr, also known as Joe Biden, is the new president of the United States. After days of uncertainty and confusion, the former vice-president of Barack Obama managed to gather the 270 electoral votes he needed to become the forty-sixth president of Uncle Sam’s country. While results are still pending, Biden currently gathers 290 electoral votes. In the meantime, Trump has 214.

The next few days may still be tumultuous since Trump’s camp already showed their intention to contest results because of the so called “illegal votes” (online votes), forgetting that we are in 2020 with modern methods in the context of a worldwide sanitary crisis…But this victory is also the Afro-American vote’s one.

Of course, everyone will mention the fact that Kamala Harris is going to become the first Afro-American woman to take the job of American vice-president. Beyond the symbol, it is nearly needless to say that Biden benefited from the massive support of the Afro-American side before and during the elections, and hopefully after. 

Standing for approximately 13% of the total population living in the United States, the Afro-Americans did not only choose Biden because the alternative was merely impossible: they chose him for his program as well. In a country where black vote is usually dedicated to Democrats, the blue candidate decided to take measures to struggle against systemic racism, tackle poverty and decrease the number of black people imprisoned. He did not make do with the advantageous situation he found himself in, in a country torn apart by racial tensions.

Supported by Barack Obama, NBA players and music artists for instance, Joe Biden has now a great opportunity to demonstrate his capacity to change things for America, its people and particularly Afro-Americans, who want to be safe above all.





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