Let us discover Inaya Paris, a cosmetics brand which praises the “back to basics” way of life.

The world of cosmetics is a bottomless pit. A stream of interrogations often come to one’s mind before resorting to a product. Is it good for my skin? Is it good for my health? Does it make me look better? Does it make any difference? Am I the only one to use it, or am I at least among the very few who use it? If the product you decide to buy brings you exactly what you need, you may use it for the rest of your life. But here comes the dilemma: between a healthy product and a product that works, which one do you want to get? Inaya Paris promises you both.

The brand was launched in February 2020 after having drawn the alarming observation that a lot of cosmetics displayed on the market are harmful for people’s health. Due to a lot of chemical products the customer does not always read on the packaging, those products can have negative effects on the skin, the hair but also the organism on a long-term perspective. 

Inspired by beauty rituals emanating from cultures of the entire world, Inaya decides to side with nature. Concretely, it means that the brand only proposes natural and bio solutions that respect, and mostly do not hurt, your body. Whether it is dedicated to your hair, to your skin or to your face, the brand certifies the authenticity of its products which directly come from mother nature. 100% natural, no chemical ingredient to damage your beautiful skin, and the warranty to take care of your body in the best way.

Visit www.inayaparis.com and get to know the products sold by the brand: facial skincare, body care, hair care, intimate care, everything is filled up with a refreshing air and a back to basics move still relieving in a cosmetics world that abounds in chemicals. Your future best friends will be made of hibiscus, coconut, bamboo, shea butter, soft soap, or olive oil, to name a few.

Inaya is an Arabic first name which means “the one who is watchful, the one who protects, the one who meets someone’s needs”. Try Inaya on the spot and take advantage of its natural benefits, both for your body and mind!




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