Kessié/Bennacer, a dynamic duo for AC Milan

Despite the coronavirus disease crisis that is currently spreading all over the world, local football championships try to unfold as best as possible. Encouraged by 1000, 1500 fans or simply before empty stands, football players keep on working in a weird atmosphere that is still difficult to handle.

The fourth day of Serie A, happening this weekend in Italy, was the opportunity to witness AC Milan defeat Inter Milan 2-1 on San Siro’s pitch thanks to two goals from Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic, calling himself Benjamin Button because of his eternal skills no matter his advanced age (39 years old).

Leading the Italian league with four victories out of four games played, Milan, disappointing over the last couple of years, is experimenting a revival in this new season 2020/2021, and their midfield is personally responsible for it. Franck Kessié (Ivory Coast) and Ismaël Bennacer (Algeria) are making up an efficient pair of defensive midfielders, and this second year playing together may be the good one.

Arrived in Milan in 2017, the Elephant always played more than thirty games in the league ever since. Coach Stefano Pioli is still trusting him and his association with Bennacer, who joined Milan in 2019, is promising: both youngsters (respectively 23 and 22 years old) are doing the job in defense but not only since they bring something in attack as well. Kessié has already scored seventeen times for Milan since 2017, with one goal this season. Bennacer scored once last year out of the thirty-one games he played.

Beginnings of season must be taken with great precaution, all the more as contenders will be fierce in Italy with Juventus, Napoli, Inter or Atalanta, but Milan’s redemption, guided by their African pair, has great chances to be more than simple words.


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