Who wants a little bit of gnonmi?

If you go to Abidjan, or any other place in Ivory Coast, you will fall in love with the local gastronomy for sure. Everyone now knows the secrets of alloco and attiéké, with some fish or chicken, as you wish. People are also starting to discover some other dishes like foutou with its sauce: djoumblé, eggplant, kopè…What about some garba? You are more into sweet stuff? Then you should try gbozon, or even gbofloto! What if you tried the gnonmi?

Let us be honest, gnonmi is not the most famous Ivorian recipe among all the ones we just enumerated above. Recently popularized thanks to a rap video clip by Ivorian rap singer Fior 2 Bior and French artist Niska, and called “Gnonmi avec lait” (see the video right here), this sweet food can wake up your taste buds and be addictive if you learn how to cook it well!

In the video clip, you can witness the preparation of gnonmi. Everyone is looking for them, and in the end, there is no more gnonmis left. The good news is that you will not need a thousand ingredients to get them prepared, and not too much time as well: just make sure that you have millet flour, boiled rice, sweet banana, sugar, water, and oil. Well, maybe you will have to call on your African grocer, but once you do it, nothing can come and interfere between you and the tasty gnonmis. 

You can eat them either as a dessert or for an aperitif with friends (or both if it is nothing less than a love at first sight), but you can also have them selfishly lying on the sofa watching a football game or a comedy. Up to you. And do not forget to share it with your children at least, they may have a crush too.

Sources: www.youtube.com



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