Covid-19: Namibia on the red list

Be careful if you are currently booking your next holidays. Lists are green, orange and red, and depict a reality which could either enable or prevent you from travelling and spending time in some country. The spreading of vaccinated people unfortunately goes along with the multiplication of variants, and the red list of nearly forbidden countries is growing.

In France, the red list was already quite filled up with South Africa, but also Asian countries (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal…) and Latin America territories such as Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil and Chili. Some more countries were added up recently, considering the fact that the Covid-19 was highly active in those regions. It is to note that a country is part of the red list if the circulation of a variant has been noticed as well.

Countries like the Seychelles, Russia and Namibia have now been put on the red list. The Southern part of Africa must be temporarily forgotten as a possible touristic destination for safety reasons. What does it mean for a country to be put on the red list?

Basically, moving to and from this country is only possible for a few situations which do not include tourism. Moreover, restrictions and travel conditions are strict and constantly checked out by local authorities. Concretely, a compelling reason is mandatory to get to these countries (or reach France from these countries). A negative PCR or antigen test must be produced before boarding, and an antigen test will be completed at the arrival with a quarantine as well.

Namibia was put on the red list due to the growing of the Delta variant, spotted in the region over the last few days. This being said, most of the continent remains accessible to tourists, Sub-Saharan Africa in particular, but keeping one’s vigilance is the key to avoid even more restrictions and a not wished comeback to the terrible days of 2020.


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