Covid-19 update: the third wave hits Africa

Summertime unfolds between ice creams, restaurants along the beach and mojitos, and sometimes makes us forget about what occurs on our planet, but the sanitary situation keeps being worrying in a lot of regions. In the West Indies, some medical help was sent from metropolitan France to try to hold back the spread of the virus in a region where beds are lacking in the recovery unit. In Africa as well, the Covid-19 and its variants are proliferating.

The last figures which date back to the beginning of the month of August are not reassuring at all: according to the WHO (World Health Organization), contaminations have been rising heavily (19%) from July 26th to August 1st for 6 400 casualties. In total, 278 000 people have been infected in Africa since the sanitary crisis started. For 172 000 dead, which stands for 4% of the total number of dead people in the world. A tragic assessment for a continent that tries to fight against the third wave which currently hits and hurts even more with the propagation of the variants.

If South Africa and Tunisia are the countries that have been the most hit in Africa recently, the variants can unfortunately be found practically everywhere. Delta was discovered in 29 African countries, while Alpha is much more present (39 countries!) and Beta as present as Alpha with 35 countries reached.

The African Union is trying to substantially increase the delivery of vaccines on a continent that is still reluctant to resort to this solution: in Africa, only 1,7% of people have been fully vaccinated (24 million people). 12 million doses arrived recently in Africa, and the African Union is collaborating with Johnson & Johnson to deliver still more doses of the Janssen vaccine in the next couple of months.


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