The transition gets organized in Guinea

A few weeks after the deposing of former Guinean president Alpha Condé, the transition gets organized in Guinea Conakry, not always in the most peaceful atmosphere with an endangered liberty of press symbolized by that surprise visit of media group Djoma Média by the special forces, but with what seems to be a support of the people towards the action of the new rulers.

Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, who ran the coup over president Alpha Condé and calls himself president of the transition, is already strengthening his position. After having dissolved all the institutions and the government, he promised to the nation that the power would get back into their hands after the end of the transition period (and the elections that will follow). A promise that needs to be followed by concrete actions as we once said.

For now, the priority is to get surrounded by trustworthy people. Doumbouya appointed Mohamed Béavogui as Prime Minister, coming form the civil society and with no experience in either building up or running a government. The freshly appointed Prime Minister is expected to set up a government in the next few days and propose a roadmap to his colonel-president. A new constitution should see the daylight as well, while the electoral system is about to be rethought.

Surprisingly, Mamady Doumbouya decided to send not less than 42 generals to retirement. If no real justification was brought, we can assume that this is like a veiled way to put aside some people who could be potentially disturbing in the organization of the new era that is coming in Guinea. Mostly experimented, some of these generals were close to former president Alpha Condé, like Sékouba Konaté, former president of the 2010 transition that brought Condé to power more than ten years ago.

Sources: France Tv Info



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