War in Ukraine: Eritrea makes a difference (but not in the best way)

We barely talk about Eritrea, this little country that is located in the Horn of Africa (Eastern Africa) whose independence was proclaimed in 1993 from Ethiopia after the Eritrean War of Independence. Isolated on an international scale because of a repressive and authoritarian regime ruled by president Isaias Afwerki, who has been running the country since the independence in 1993 and does not accept any elections (there is only one political party in the country), Eritrea was marked out by a particular decision lately, but that one is not really working in its favor.

The Eritrean nation was the only one to back up Russia in a recent vote at the United Nations about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While countries like Cuba, Venezuela and China decided to refrain from supporting Russia, Asmara (the capital city of Eritrea) decided to answer negatively, and was the only country to do so, at the question of opening an international inquiry about the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

The whole international stage, except a few countries, condemned the military actions of Russian president Vladimir Putin in Ukraine, who endangers the whole world and casts doubt about the use of the nuclear weapon, that would be a genuine disaster for all the people of the planet. Eritrea, a developing country that is part of the poorest countries in the world and marked by a high rate of emigration, said no to the UN vote, and thus considers that it is no use setting up a commission of inquiry in order to get to know more about this war, and possibly condemn Russia for its wrongdoing.

The military conflict in Ukraine has already dragged more than one million people on the road, who try to go to countries like Poland or Romania to find a shelter for them and their families.


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