Make up trend : AMFA Beauty all the way from Sénégal

Beauty products designed by and for African women; modern, in the trend and who, in turn influence the world.

“I wanted to create a brand that encompasses all that I am, all my lives. As an African woman, active, modern and good about herself, it is essential that AMFA Beauty instills a feeling of confidence in order to allow my clients to also feel in control regardless of the circumstances. ” Awa Mballo Tall.

Founded in 2018 by Awa Mballo Tall, the brand offers an African alternative on the cosmetic market.

Linking heritage and modernity is the vision of the founder. The entrepreneur, lawyer by training and young mother realizes a little girl’s dream by creating her own line of cosmetics, so that all women can look beautiful in their own way and radiate their authenticity.

Through AMFA Beauty, Awa Mballo Tall celebrates multi-ethnic and lasting beauty that adapts to our moods.

“I loved watching my mom getting ready. She was even getting ready to stay at home. These beauty and wellness rituals are the essence of the brand. However, I realize that today we have a very different relationship to beauty. We want to have more fun, be ourselves and feel beautiful without compromise. All of these things count! “

Feeling chic with a Dakar aesthetic…

AMFA Beauty allows women to assume and enhance their natural beauty.

Faithful to the values of inclusion and the desire to highlight African beauty in all its diversity, AMFA Beauty offers: quality products suitable for all climates even the highest temperatures, deep vibrant colors and this at affordable prices.

Inspired by the founder’s family history, the richness of Senegalese beauty aesthetics and the diversity of the skin tones of Africa, AMFA Beauty priority is to meet the expectations of a versatile, fearless and chic clientele. Thanks to research and innovation, AMFA Beauty has established itself as the leader in make-up in the country of Teranga.

“AMFA Beauty is a Senegalese brand and offers a wide choice of professional and high-quality products while focusing on accessibility. We are constantly studying new formulas in order to respond to the daily needs of our customers. “

Discover the entire AMFA Beauty collections on`

Photo credits AMFA Beauty, Bizenga Photography


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