When your children re-educate you

It is a secret for nobody, except maybe for those who are not parents (yet), but having children is a genuine upheaval in a lifetime. Time suddenly becomes a precious stuff you have to take care of, basically time for yourself. You love your sons and daughters like nothing else in this world, but what a relief to get some time to rest and do something else from time to time! 

Those who are wondering whether they should have children may be willing to be even more patient after reading these lines, but the benefits you get when having a “little you” are a lot more significative than any other thing. But this is not the subject of this article: to what extent can our children re-educate us?

You have to live it to understand and seize it, but becoming a mother and father tends to re-educate you. You generally reach 25, 30 or 35, whatever your age when you have a child, with a lot of certainties in this life about so many things. These certainties are about to be seriously shaken when you figure out that you have to look after a human being that exclusively relies on you, at least in the first years of his or her life.

Growing up and beginning to say no and challenge you, asking you questions about this world, some questions you do not always expect, and you may find it hard to find appropriate answers, not only for your loved one but also for you…These are the types of situations you will come across. Introspection is never far away: what are my limits? How can I show that I am disapproving such a behavior? How patient am I? How to find the perfect balance between loving my child unconditionally and making rules?

Children re-educate you, and you have great chances to make progress as a human being when becoming a parent. If we teach them, we have to admit that they teach us as well!


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