Who wants a little bit of gnonmi?

If you go to Abidjan, or any other place in Ivory Coast, you will fall in love with the local gastronomy for sure. Everyone now knows the secrets of alloco and attiéké, with some fish or chicken, as you wish. People are also starting to discover some other dishes like foutou with its sauce: djoumblé, eggplant, kopè…What about some garba? You are more into sweet … Continue reading Who wants a little bit of gnonmi?

Art as a cure against COVID-19?

Those times of uncertainty we have been living for more than a year have at least the virtue of unleashing inspiration. All over the world, artists, no matter their domain, are using the torments triggered off by the coronavirus disease to feed their creations: painting, music, poetry, sculpture, every single form of art is achieving the mission humanity untrusted them: a duty of memory and … Continue reading Art as a cure against COVID-19?