Morebelli jewelry house: Malagasy authenticity to make your look even more unique

Madagascar is maybe the most famous African island for its impressive biodiversity and new animal species still getting discovered as the seasons go by in the fifth biggest island in the world, and yet the country is not done with giving us novelty and singularity. The Morebelli jewelry house is another Malagasy specificity you need to know!

Morebelli was set up ten years ago by two gemologists: Aurélien Morette and Giuseppe Pocobelli. The two funders decided to use their respective names to create the name of their jewelry brand, and Morebelli (from More-tte and Poco-belli) was officially launched in 2012. But both creators were not simply wishing to find an original name for their company.

Morette and Pocobelli decided to set up a very unique and singular jewelry house which would use the natural resources of the island to conceive their jewels: emeralds, sapphires, tourmalines and a lot of other gems directly come from partner mines located in Madagascar. The stone is then transformed in the Antananarivo workshop by the team of lapidaries and gem setters to give birth to a jewel right from Madagascar you will find nowhere else.

The “Timeless” collection proposes a large choice of jewels among rings, necklaces and earrings, each one made with an original gem from the Malagasy land: do you love garnets? Do you prefer emeralds? More interested in aqua-marines? No worries, you will find anything you need in the Abidjan boutique!

Before expanding all over Africa, Morebelli jewelry house is welcoming you at the Abidjan boutique at Ivoire Trade Center, next to Sofitel Ivoire. If you are settled down in Abidjan or just visiting for the summertime, do not forget to stop at the boutique and make your choice for a jewel that has great chances to follow you for a very long time!


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