Let us discover Bobo By Sag: when trend and fashion break into Dakar

The perpetual hustle and bustle of the Senegalese capital city can nearly make you forget that Dakar has a lot to give you, especially regarding fashion. After having walked around the shore and got you a fresh bouye juice in one of the numerous restaurants along the corniche, you should take your time to observe what makes Dakar so special in the fashion environment. Brands and concepts get launched every single day, but there is one you should know above all, and this one is called Bobo By Sag.

A simple look at the Instagram account of Bobo By Sag will be enough. Everything is said and shown, no need to keep on with this article.

Kidding. The posts you see depict you a feminine ready-to-wear brand which does not want to imitate nor look like others. Either black and white or colored, the different sets proposed by Bobo By Sag are unique since they are limited: if something appeals to you, you had better hurry up to order it because every single set is produced in limited quantity. One more hour to get decided and this may be too late!

Modern and unique, but also timeless, chic and trendy: these are the terms you could use to describe Bobo By Sag, a brand the founder originally set up for herself. Designed to be comfortable in the hot season, the different sets can be worn in multiple occasions: in the evening on an after-work session, for a tasty dinner shared with close friends, or even for a professional lunch with your colleagues.

Bobo By Sag is also available on Afrikrea with some information about the terms and conditions. The brand is doing well on the platform since 97% of clients are already satisfied. No more words, open your eyes and get your Malaika dress!


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