Freeze frame on Simone & Elise, an Ivorian ready-to-wear brand devoted to art.

The brand we are going to explore inherited the love of art of both founders. Created in 2018 in Ivory Coast, the Simone & Elise brand takes its appellation from the first names of the two designers relatives, who were once managers and owners of ready-to-wear stores. They then set up their own business and decided to have a certain touch of art in it.

Simone & Elise designers

What does it consist in? The different sets you will discover are made up of paintings which stand for the African woman, but also scenes of the daily life in a traditional village, butterflies, flowers…What makes the originality of the brand is this association of art with fashion in an elegant and trendy way. The clothes are unique and depict vivid colors that you can see by visiting the Afrikrea platform.

Thanks to this innovative concept, Simone & Elise will satisfy those who wish to get a remind of the old times. Tradition is respected in the diverse sets you can buy online, but for those who are longing to get more modernity, the brand also has an answer with some contemporary collections able to make you look smart and happy.

Does the Abla Pokou queen remind you of something? The story and myth of the African woman who led her people from Ghana towards Ivory Coast in the eighteenth century is illustrated in the Pokou dress designed by Simone & Elise. For more tradition surrounding you, you can purchase the Therese dress or the Ndeye boubou as well.

The Abla Pokou dress,
credits Michael photography, mua Instant maquillage, modem Carol Kouassi

If you are craving for something more modern, why not opt for the Aurore dress, or the Urban dress? At last, you should notice that the brand travels overseas, and explores other parts of the world: the Tokyo set is here to give you a Japanese thrill.

The Tokyo set
Credits, Said wordsmith photography, mua Sarafina, model Carol Kouassi


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