In Africa, Covid-19 gets a grip

In a couple of months, the worldwide pandemic will perhaps be nothing more than a bad souvenir that belongs to the past, thanks to the spreading of the vaccine all over the world and the collective immunity that wants to be reached with more and more people getting vaccinated every day. Well, the crisis is far from being over, even though you can witness some positive signs, and some regions in the world are not experimenting the same benefits as others: Africa in particular, where cases increased significantly this week.

While Western countries are meeting fewer and fewer cases every single day, in Canada, in France, in the United States or in Germany, where the people who get vaccinated are sometimes rewarded, the African continent suffered a huge rise in contaminations (+28%) this week. Countries like Tunisia, Uganda and Egypt were severely hit, while Zambia is the country in Africa which lists the larger number of cases (1 200 new cases per day).

In South Africa, where a variant was noticed several months ago, the third wave is expected. Not the whole continent is concerned by that sudden rise, but too many countries at the same time to say it is only a simple coincidence. And the issue may be the lack of vaccine.

Sometimes neglected by local populations, who maybe think they have superpowers, or simply do not trust it, the vaccine does not attract people in Africa. In some countries, it is more a question of supply. But the fact that too few people get vaccinated in Africa is of course explaining why the number of cases is increasing there while most countries worldwide are starting to recover and taking back their activities.

Reluctance, lack of doses, whatever the problem may be on the continent, the wealthy countries gathered in the United Kingdom this week for the G7 should act positively by warranting at least one billion doses of vaccine to developing countries all over the world, in Africa but not only.


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